What Is A True
   Medical Emergency?
 What Are Some Examples?
 Why Shouldn't I Just Drive
   The Patient Myself?
 How Can You Help In
   A Medical Emergency?
 Who Are The People
         Behind 911?
 Call 911 For Emergencies Only.

Call 911 for emergencies only!

In Florida, simply dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency connects you to EMS, law enforcement, and the fire rescue.

To schedule non-emergency medical transportation, please call 352-383-1200.

DO NOT CALL 911 FOR NON-EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION. Doing so can divert critical resources from situations which are a matter of life and death.

If you just need transportation, please call a taxi or use public transportation.

Examples of NON-EMERGENCY situations

  • Minor illness or injury not requiring immediate help such as:
    • Flu-like symptoms/common colds    
    • Chronic (ongoing) aches and pains
    •  Minor cuts
    •  Broken fingers or toes
  • Emotional Upsets
  • Routine visits to medical offices, clinics and hospitals


Other Community Resources
Following are numbers for other community resources you may find helpful.

Lake County Health Department, Tavares 352-742-6230
Lake County Health Department Clinic, Clermont 352-394-6770
Lake County Health Department Clinic, Tavares 352-742-6300
Lake County Health Department Clinic, Umatilla 352-669-2164
Lake Emergency Medical Services 352-383-4554
Medi-Cab Health Care Transportation, Lady Lake, 800-884-7850